Alan has spent his lifetime performing. His bio will tell you more about him. Misty joined Alan in 2016, and together they have created a new act, redesigned Alan’s original hypnosis show and they have also teamed up teaching hypnosis in a variety of styles.

We met at a hypnosis convention in Las Vegas

Not everything that happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! They have been almost inseparable ever since. Misty joined Alan full-time June 2018 and they have performed over 100 shows for every variety of clientele since including fairs, festivals, corporate events, high schools and colleges.

The hypnosis show takes on a whole new, personal, up-close dimension

Alan had been performing his comedy magic show all his life, and his comedy hypnosis show for 20 years. Misty had another talent she brought to the team – rapid inductions and over 30 years of clinical practice. They created a whole new attraction for the fair market – a grounds act where they do one-on-one hypnosis giving people a personal experience. More is explained about this “Steam Punk Hypnosis Experience” on another page.

Why Steam Punk?

Alan fell in love with the theme while watching a Cirque du Soliel show. Plus, it is “time-period appropriate” in many ways. Hypnosis experiments were popularized in the mid-to-late 1800’s, with the decade of 2020 around the corner, a lot of “Roaring 20’s and Gatsby” themed events are about to explode on the scene, and “A Steam Punk Victorian Future” is a perfect theme for all those events.